The Kinematograph

Francis is a self-taught inventor fascinated by the idea of recording moving pictures with the use of a row of slides. After the continental war in 1902, he devotes himself to his passion and a dream to invent a cinematograph. 

A Sicilian flea

A love story presented on postcards from the turn of 19th and 20th centuries. The last film of Olga Egri and Valentina Rudolpho. Compilations and collages of old postcards and computer-enlivened illustrations.

Different Story

Main hero of the movie is a knife. Series of unfortunate events causes that he finished his kitchen knife career on a street.

Where is the fairy tale?

The Seven Dwarfs notice the disappearance of their Princess right before the beginning of the bed-time cartoon. During their search for her, they meet creatures from various fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, the Witch, and the Golden Fish. Finally, the Princess is found on a billboard. It so happens that she has decided to become a model, having tired of housekeeping for the Dwarfs.

Witness 1919-2004

The first date signifies the first full year of an independent Poland; the second one designates its entry to the European Union. The film revolves around all that happened in the meantime. The main character is a scarecrow standing in a field. During the passing years, the items hanged on him change, symbolising the changes in history.

Danny Boy

The tale of the last rational man in a society in which the only remaining and widely followed ideology is inanity.

The Treasurer’s Gift

A long, long time ago or maybe not that long… Far, far away or maybe quite near… every day, from a very early hour, Miner Maślok with his sons Francik and Ecik, worked in the pit.