Room For A Quick One

Artur is sentenced for many years in prison. Along with him outside the prison walls his wife Natalia is condemned by society. She wants to save their fading feeling and makes an attempt to keep the relationship with her husband. But does this feeling, tested in such an extreme way, have a chance to survive?


I’m Here – Where Are You?

A young girl from Belarus arrives to Poland to be with her boyfriend. When she discovers that he already lives with his new girlfriend, she wanders the streets, looking for a place to stay. In the kebab shop she meets Habib. A friendship with him is the only way to survive in the big city…

My Poor Head

After wife’s death, the father of 16-year-old Wojtek, has nervous breakdown and loses touch with reality. The authorities in Wojtek’s school already know about the problem. If Wojtek’s father doesn’t prove the ability to look after his own son, Wojtek will be taken to an orphanage.

Frozen Stories

A grotesque tale about the young girl and boy who work at the same supermarket. As the worst employees of the supermarket they have been ordered to find a purpose of their lives and in just two days start a better, brand new life. All of the sudden a popular television show aims to help them to complete the task.

The Loneliness of the Short-Order Cook

Young Japanese works as a cook in Japanese jazz-club in Los Angeles. It is just a temporary job while he is waiting for his visa. He fells in love with Mexican girl who doesn’t speak English. He discovers the other side of the city – without beaches, palms and expensive cars.

The Ruby Wedding

The protagonists of this contemporary comedy are: Anka – a kyokushin karate champion; her husband Mundek – an excellent pianist; and Kazimierz – a retired gentleman who lives alone in the flat above Anka and Mundek. Kazimierz listens in on the sexual endeavours that take place in Anka and Mundek’s apartment. 

My Place

Romek Ziemba is a 26-year-old drummer from a small town, looking for his place in life. He tries to find work in Warsaw. What lies ahead?