The Council of the Polish Film Institute

The Council is composed of 11 members. It includes representatives of filmmakers, film producers, cinematography trade unions, cinemas, distributors, broadcasters, cable television and digital platform operators.

Council members are appointed to three-year terms. The Council establishes the direction of the Institute’s operations and expresses opinions on its annual activity plans and reports, as well as financial reports.

Members of the Council appointed for years 2020-2023:

Robert Kaczmarek

Council President

Kinga Dębska

Deputy President

Mariusz Łukomski

Council Secretary

Sean Bobbitt

Lidia Duda

Marlena Gabryszewska

Paweł Nowacki

Marta Plucińska

Paweł Rzewuski

Mariusz Spisz

Krzysztof Turkowski


General Director of the Polish Film Institute:

Radosław Śmigulski

General Director

  +48 22 10 26 402

The General Director is responsible for all Institute activity and represents it externally. With the help of experts who assess applications, the General Director makes decisions regarding funding granted by PISF.

Film Production and Film Project Development Department

Małgorzata Szczepkowska-Kalemba

Head of Department

  +48 22 10 26 488

     +48 22 10 26 489 (Incentives)

The Department of Film Production provides complex assistance to film production, from initial screenwriting works, through project development, to the production stage. Project support is available to feature, documentary, and animated film projects of all genres, with all regulations applicable also to international co-productions. The Department of Film Production supervises the implementation of contracts between screenwriters or producers and the Polish Film Institute, monitors production, and oversees the subsidy clearance process. Other key responsibilities include assessing documentation regarding a film project’s financing structure, co-production agreements, and production schedule.

Activities of the Department of Film Production are carried out through the Film Production Operational Programme.

Department of Film Culture Dissemination and Promotion

Monika Piętas-Kurek

Head of Department

  22 10 26 454

The Department handles the domestic promotion of Polish cinematography, supports all major film festivals and events across the country, implements and supports national educational programmes, and co-finances the digital reconstruction of films and the modernization of cinemas, including digitization. This department is handling regional co-operation, supporting training for the film industry and research in the audiovisual market. The department is active in the field of promotion, preparing publications that promote Polish cinema, and coordinating events organized by the Polish Film Institute. Activities are carried out through three Operational Programmes: Film Education, Dissemination of Film Culture, and Development of Cinemas.

International Relations Department

Maria Gradowska-Tomow

Head of Department

  +48 22 10 26 455

The Department takes care of foreign promotion of Polish cinematography and international cooperation. Its tasks include: submitting Polish films at festivals, cooperation with diplomatic institutions, publication of promotional materials, presenting Poland at international festivals, and supporting international film events with the participation of Polish and foreign filmmakers. Activities of the International Cooperation Department are carried out through the Promotion of Polish Film Abroad Operational Programme.

Development Department

Aleksandra Świerczewska

Head of Department


The department provides administrative and technical care in the field of communications and IT of the Institute. It identifies Institite’s needs, ensures the security of Communication and Information systems, cooperates in running the PFI web portals as well as maintains the company’s archive and makes purchases in the economic field.

The team also deals with the implementation of changes implemented in the Cinematography Act and conducts work on creating tools for cooperation of individual entities with the Institute. It is also responsible for the organization of Gdynia Industry – an accompanying event during the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. The department develops the Polish audiovisual market research sector, acquires and aggregates data on it. Its tasks include analyzing the collected information and preparing reports on, among others financial support granted for the development of the audiovisual production market.

Public Relations Department

Monika Piętas-Kurek

Press Spokesperson


The Press Spokesperson is responsible for contacts with the media, informs about activities of the Institute, runs the web portal, organises news conferences and other meetings with the media, and publishes the Public Information Bulletin.

Financial and Accounting Department

Justyna Archicińska

Head of Department

  + 48 22 10 26 405

The task of the Department is to handle the accounting of the Institute, as well as prepare its financial reports and annual financial plans. It is also responsible for financial maintenance of the Operational Programmes, and maintenance of payments for the Institute resulting from the Act on Cinematography.

Law Department

Marta Galińska


  +48 22 10 26 409

It handles legal issues connected with the Institute, including drawing up agreements, pronouncing opinions on draft legal acts, planning and coordinating legislative activities, and drafting opinions on the needs of the Institute.

Main Accountant

Małgorzata Gąska

Main Accountant

  +48 22 10 26 404

Director’s Office

Sylwia Grochowska


  +48 22 10 26 461

Digital Poland

Zuzanna Ostapowicz

Project Manager


Personal Data Protection Inspector

Karolina Sybilska

Personal Data Protection Inspector