"80 Million" Is Poland’s Oscar Candidate

80 million
80 milionów (80 Million)


The Oscar committee, launched by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bogdan Zdrojewski on July 20, selected 80 milionów (80 Million) by Waldemar Krzystek as Poland’s candidate for the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Members of the commission were: Juliusz Machulski (chairman), Tomasz Bagiński, Robert Gliński, Andrzej Jakimowski, Jan Komasa, Agnieszka Odorowicz, Waldemar Pokromski, Paweł Potoroczyn, and Grażyna Torbicka.


Committee members ruled that the films considered for the nomination included many interesting artistic films, and the final decision was not an easy one. In selecting Poland’s Academy Award candidate, the committee took into consideration the regulations of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the film’s subject matter, its form, as well as the plot being comprehensible to foreign audiences.


Committee chairman Juliusz Machulski said after the session: “The decisive factor in our choosing 80 Million was the fact that this film focuses on a period of Polish history in a way that is universal, original, and optimistic.”



80 milionów (80 Million) by Waldemar Krzystek was released in Polish cinemas in November 2011. The film had its international premiere at the 34th Moscow International Film Festival in June 2012.


Translated by Karolina Kołtun