A call for FEST - Pitching Forum has started

The call for applications for FEST – Pitching Forum is ongoing until April 20. This is a unique opportunity to present your project to selected producers, distributors, funds and investors. 16th edition of FEST – New Directors | The New Films Festival will take place on June 22-29 in Portugal.

The event is dedicated to experienced as well as novice producers, without age restrictions.

Projects that can be submitted:

  • Feature films (min. 55 minutes) at an early stage of development;
  • Short feature films (up to 55 minutes) at an early stage of development;
  • Documentary films (both full and short) at an early stage of development;
  • Short and full-length films at an advanced stage of production;

The above criteria also apply to animated films.

The deadline for submitting applications for the FEST – Pitching Forum is April 20, 2020 at 12:00 local time. The application will be considered submitted after paying a fee of € 60.00 per project. To access the 50 percent discount, contact Marzena Kleban by writing to: marzena.kleban@pisf.pl

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