"A Sort of Family" and "Captain" Awarded at San Sebastian IFF

International co-productions co-financed by the Polish Film Institute A Sort of Family and Captain receieved awards at the 65th San Sebastian IFF.

Films Supported by the PFI with Awards at San Sebastian IFF

On September 30, 2017 ended the 65th San Sebastian IFF. Among the winners of the festivals are two international co-productions co-financed by the Polish Film Institute: A Sort of Family by Diego Lerman and Captain by Robert Schwentke. 

Award for the Best Screenplay for A Sort of Family 

Rodzina na sprzedaż (A Sort of Family) photo by Mateusz Czuchnowski 

Rodzina na sprzedaż (A Sort of Family) received the Awards for the Best Screenplay by Diego Lerman and María Meira.

Malena (38) is a middle class doctor living in Buenos Aires. She has recently lost a child. After this traumatic experience, she sets off on a journey to adopt a newborn baby from an impoverished family in northern Argentina. During her journey, Malena begins to hesitate and is torn by moral dilemmas. She wonders how far she might go to create the family she has been dreaming of.

Rodzina na sprzedaż (original title: Una Especie De Familia, English title: A Sort of Family) was made as a co-production between Poland, Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Denmark. The film’s Polish producer is Staron-Film. This marks the second collaboration between Staron-Film and Diego Lerman. The script for the film, similarly to the script for their previous collaboration Refugiado, was written by Lerman in collaboration with María Meira. The film was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. Sales agent of the film is Film Factory Entertainement

Award for the Best Cinematography for Captain 

The German-French-Polish co-production Kapitan (Der Hauptmann) by Robert Schwentke received the award for the Best Cinematography by Florian Ballhaus.

The film is the story of a German army deserter who, in the last days of April 1945, claims to be an army officer and Hitler’s special envoy. Taking advantage of the chaos, he organises a squad of similar free-wheelers and deserters.

The project was first developed within the framework of the Polish-German Co-Development Fund, and then co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and produced partly in Poland with Polish industry professionals. On the Polish side, the film was produced by Opus Film.

The winners of the 65th San Sebastian IFF: www.sansebastianfestival.com.

Paulina Bez