"Acid Rain" nominated for Annie Awards

Tomek Popakul’s short film “Acid Rain” co-financed by the Polish Film Institute has been nominated for the prestigious Annie Awards.

Annie Awards

Annie Awards are prestigious American awards granted to the best animations. The nomination for the film by Tom Popakul produced by Animoon is a great predictor of the upcoming Oscar nominations.

Polish film is nominated in the category of best short film together with four other titles. A list of all nominees can be found on the Annie Awards website.

The winners will be announced on January 25, 2020.

“Acid Rain” available on Vimeo

On November 18, the film premiered on the Vimeo platform to the curatorial section of Staff Pick. The film will be available to watch in its entirety on Vimeo for six months.

Recently, Cartoon Brew – one of the most opinion-forming animation portals in the world – pointed to the short animation “Acid Rain” directed by Tomek Popakul as the main favorite of this year’s race for the American Film Academy statuettes in the category of best short animated film. A link to the film on Vimeo and more information about the film’s chances of nomination and a link to an article on the Cartoon Brew portal can be found here.

“Acid Rain”. About the movie

The film takes place somewhere in Eastern Europe. The Young run away from home, as far as possible from the gray town. The initial excitement of hitchhiking goes down as she lands on the outskirts of the city in the middle of the night. On the bridge she notices a figure balancing dangerously on the rail. This is how she meets Chudy, a bit unstable freak. Chudy lives in a motorhome, which he drives, not necessarily dealing with legal errands. Young decides to get on with Chudy. Their common path leads to increasingly stranger regions, and an unnamed bond quickly forms between them.