Adam Sikora Shooting with Ondříček

On March 5, David Ondříček began shooting him latest feature In the Shadow of the Horse. The film will be made in co-production between the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. The film’s Polish producer is Centrala Sp. z o.o., while its director of photography is Polish cinematographer Adam Sikora. In the Shadow of the Horse is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. 


David Ondříček is the director of Septej (Whisper; 1996), Jedna ruka netleská (One Hand Can’t Clap; 2003), and Samotári (Loners; 2000).  He also writes and co-produces most of his films.


The plot of In the Shadow of the Horse is set in 1953 in Prague. Ivan Trojan, the actor known from Ondříček’s previous films, plays a police detective investigating yet another robbery. He is supported by a specialist from East Germany, played by German actor Sebastian Koch, known for his role in The Lives of Others. As the story unfolds, this criminal case takes on a political spin. “From the start, we aimed at creating a grand European project that would help connect the national cinemas of Central Europe,” said producer Kryštof Mucha before the start of shooting. “In the Shadow of the Horse will not only be an interesting thriller set against a historical background, it will also be a story about searching for truth with no compromise. I am certain that this will catch the interest of international audiences.”

In the Shadow of the Horse is set to wrap filming in May. The film’s Czech distributor is planning a theatrical release in February 2012.




Translated by Karolina Kołtun