Agnieszka Holland elected new EFA president

Polish director Agnieszka Holland has been elected new president of the European Film Academy. She is the first woman in the history of this international organization with over 3.8 thousand members. Holland will replace the German director Wim Wenders who has held this position since 1996.

Agnieszka Holland was elected in a vote in which all EFA members could participate. Previously, she had already held an important position at the Academy – between 2014-2019 she was the chairman of its management board. – The time is challenging and to save the creative power of independent cinema and the involvement of our audience, we need to use all our experience and imagination. I believe there is an important role for EFA here and I am happy to be part of it – said Agnieszka Holland after the announcement of the voting results.

The European Film Academy – before called as the European Film Society – was officially established in 1989 by the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. It actively participates in projects promoting European film production and conducts trainings and workshops which are a platform for the exchange of experiences among professionals. The seminars and conferences organized by EFA constitute an important voice in the European debate on the film. The most prestigious and famous event is the European Film Award.

The director’s achievements

Agnieszka Holland has over 40 films and series in her film career. The films „Angry Harvest”, „Europe, Europe” and „In Darkness” were nominated for the awards of the American Film Academy. Her latest Czech-Slovak-Polish-Irish film, „Charlatan” (as a Czech candidate), which is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, will also compete for the Oscar nomination.