Award for "When I Am a Bird"

Kiedy będę ptakiem (When I Am A Bird), a documentary directed by Monika Pawluczuk and co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, has been gaining international acclaim. The Signes de Nuit festival in Paris brought a SIGNIS Award for the film, while Prague’s Fresh Film Fest awarded Pawluczuk’s documentary with a Special Mention of the Jury.


At the Fresh Film Fest, Monika Pawluczuk’s film was recognized for its use of film language to draw audiences into the life of a small village, far from the life we know, to how how our actions in this world are perceived by its inhabitants. The composition of picture and sound creates a lyrical entity, filled with suspense.


Showcased at the first edition of Docs to go!, Kiedy będę ptakiem (When I Am a Bird) was produced by Wajda Film Studio and TVP2, in cooperation with the Polish Film Institute and Jacek Bławut Film.


The film previously screened at the DOK.Leipzig festival, and received awards at the Festival of Migrant Films in Lublana and the ‘Man in Danger’ Media Festival in Łódź.


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Translated by Karolina Kołtun