Awards for Infallible System

The debut feature from Izabela Szylko received another award – this time in Monaco at the 7th Angel Awards International Film Festival. Alina Janowska received the Best Actress award, while Izabela Szylko won the award for Best Screenplay. In early December Infallible System also won the main prize at a film festival in Armenia.


Infallible System is a cheerful tale about an elderly lady who gambles using a well-tested system. She has a secret plan for what to do with the jackpot.


The Monaco film festival is a competition for non-violent features. Infallible System was the first Polish film at this festival.

A few days earlier this picture won the 6th KIN International Film Festival in Armenia (the event took place on December 1-5). Alina Janowska recently also received an award for her part in Infallible System at the International Film Festival for Women in Zimbabwe.


Translated by Karolina Kołtun