The Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award was presented during this year’s 68th Cannes International Film Festival. Special mention went to Polish director Bodo Kox.

The Ninth Edition of ScriptTeast

This year marked the ninth edition of the Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award, presented annually in Cannes to the best screenplay from Central and Eastern Europe, developed within the framework of the screenwriting programme of the Independent Film Foundation. The 2015 award went to Simeon Ventislavov and Milko Lazarov from Bulgaria for their project Nanook, the story of an Inuit woman who, after years spent living in Germany, returns to her native Greenland upon hearing of her mother’s illness. It is the story of the clash between the young and old generation against the backdrop of a dying culture, set in a harsh and exotic landscape.

Special Mention for Bodo Kox

The ScripTeast Advisory Board, which has among its members Sandford Lieberson, long-term head of 20th Century Fox, also gave Special Mention to Polish director and screenwriter Bodo Kox, whose debut feature Dziewczyna z szafy (The Girl from the Wardrobe) received multiple awards. The ScripTeast special mention went to Bodo Kox for his latest project Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem (The Man with the Magic Box).

Eleven Projects from Seven Countries

This year’s edition of ScripTeast featured eleven projects from seven countries. ScripTeast is one of the most recognized and effective training programmes for experienced screenwriters; throughout the nine years of the programme’s existence, a total of 16 films have been produced based on scripts developed within the ScripTeast programme, with a further eight currently in production. The yearly ScripTeast programme includes three residency sessions (in Poland and during the Berlin and Cannes festivals), as well as online consultations with world-class creative advisors and academic experts.

The ScripTeast Award

Presented annually since 2007 during the Cannes International Film Festival, the Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award has been awarded to two Polish screenwriters to date. In 2010, the award went to Jacek Bławut for his screenplay “Dzień czekolady,” and in 2013 the award was presented to Bartosz Konopka and Przemysław Nowakowski for their screenplay “Niemy” (“The Mute”). Bodo Kox is the third Polish filmmaker to be recognized by the international ScripTeast Advisory Board.

Script Development

The ScripTeast programme is intended for screenwriters who want to continue work on their already written screenplays and adapt it to the needs of the international audience and improve the marketing potential of the project. Participation in the programme also creates opportunities for networking with some of the world’s best filmmakers and being immersed in the film industry at the Berlin and Cannes film festivals.

A Project Supported by the Polish Film Institute

The ScripTeast programme is organized by the Independent Film Foundation, with support from the European Union MEDIA programme, the Polish Film Institute, and Apple Film Production, and in cooperation with the European Film Academy, renowned international producers’ associations Producers Network and ACE, Transatlantic Partners, and Film New Europe.

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Translated by Karolina Kołtun