Changes in the incentive scheme

The deadline for submitting applications has changed, the possibility to submit documents other than the script in justified cases, and the option to extend the period for concluding the contract with the Polish Film Institute have been added.

On March 31, 2020, the following elements of the financial support system for audiovisual production changed:

  • application deadline: at present, an application for financial support may be submitted no earlier than 12 months before the start of the work to be covered by financial support and no later than before the start of this work. The applicant is obliged to start works covered by financial support not later than 12 months from the date of submitting the application;
  • the necessity to provide a screenplay: in the event that the applicant cannot, for justified reasons, submit a contract for the provision of services for audiovisual production or synopsis and screenplay of an audiovisual work, confirmation of the acquisition of rights to the script or literary basis of an audiovisual work, the Director of the Institute may decide to submit to the Institute other documents on the basis of which it will be possible to examine the application;
  • extension of the deadline for presenting possible modifications to the cost estimate attached to the application to 60 days;
  • extension of the deadline for concluding the contract for financial support at the applicant’s request to 3 months.

The basis for introducing the above changes is The Act of 31 March 2020 amending the Act on special solutions related to the prevention, prevention and eradication of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them as well as some other acts.