Cinemas can operate from June 6

Cinemas can  operate from June 6, after meeting the appropriate conditions – announced the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage prof. Piotr Gliński. Earlier, from May 18, outdoor and drive in  cinemas have been  already allowed to operate.

Announced on May 27 this year. the decision of the Government Crisis Management Team does not impose an obligation, but gives the owners or organizers the opportunity to re-operate cinemas. The two basic requirements for unfreezing cinemas are: the need to put on masks and the maximum filling of the audience up to 50%, so that contact between the viewers is relaxed and sanitary requirements can be maintained.

Outdoor and drive in cinemas can operate from 18 May

Drive in  and outdoor cinemas can operate while maintaining social distance. Viewers should stay in the car or in a designated place before, during or after the show. Any possible additional services at the cinema, including gastronomy, if allowed, can be delivered to the vehicle only by the cinema staff without the possibility of leaving the vehicle by viewers who should also be obliged to cover their mouths and nose with a mask or a visor for the entire period in which the window in the vehicle will be open and when out of the vehicle. In the case of drive in cinemas, only passenger cars may be allowed to participate in the shows.

From March 12, when the ordinance of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage entered into force, the activity of all cultural institutions, including cinemas, was limited due to the coronavirus epidemic.