Four Polish co-productions co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, including Cold War, the latest film by Paweł Pawlikowski, have received financing from the Council of Europe’s Eurimages fund.

24 Co-Productions Supported by Eurimages

At its March session in Strasbourg, the Council of Europe’s Eurimages fund agreed to support 19 fiction feature films, two documentaries, and three animations, for a total amount of 5,682,544 euros.

All four Polish co-productions applying for funding in this last Eurimages session have been successful. All four are also co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Zimna wojna (Cold War)

One of the films to receive Eurimages funding is Zimna wojna (Cold War), the new film by Paweł Pawlikowski. Produced by Opus Film, the film is a co-production between Poland, the UK and France. The story is set in 1950s and 1960s Poland. According to the creators, it is the story of two people who cannot be together, and yet cannot be apart. A film about a great and difficult love affair in tumultuous times.

Der Hauptmann (The Captain)

Other films to receive financing include Der Hauptmann (The Captain) by German director Robert Schwentke, co-produced by Opus Film. Schwentke is a long-time Hollywood director (Red, Insurgent, Allegiant). Der Hauptmann (The Captain) is a co-production between Germany, France and Poland, and has received funding from the Polish-German Film Fund.

The Harvesters and Fatei and the Sea

Two more Polish co-productions have been supported by Eurimages. The first of these is The Harvesters by Etienne Kallos, a co-production between France, South Africa, Poland and Greece (the film’s producer on the Polish side is Lava Films). The other is Fatei and the Sea, a Russian-Polish-Finnish documentary directed by Alina Rudnicka (the Polish co-producer is Arkana).


Launched in 1988, Eurimages is the Council of Europe’s fund for supporting co-production, distribution and exhibition of European audiovisual works. Currently the fund has 37 member states. Poland has been a member since 1991. To date, Eurimages has supported 1834 European co-productions, with a total of approximately 545 million euros.

Further details are available at: www.coe.int/t/dg4/eurimages/Source/Press%20releases/01-2017-Eurimages%20supports%2024%20co-productions.pdf

Translated by Karolina Kołtun