Dariusz Jabłoński re-elected as deputy head of EPC

Dariusz Jabłoński, head of the Polish Film Academy, has been re-elected as deputy head of the European Producers Club, Europe’s leading organisation for film and television producers.

Board Elections in Cannes

The new management board of the European Producers Club election were held during this year’s Cannes film festival. The European Producers Club is an organisation of almost 100 of the most prominent film and television producers from over 20 European countries.

Members of the Board

The new members of the board include chairman Marco Chimenz (Italy; producer of the acclaimed “Gomorrah” TV series) and deputies Dariusz Jabłoński (Poland, producer of “The Trial: The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov”, “Under Electric Clouds”, Johannes Rexin (Germany; producer of “Antichrist” and “Pokot”), Nina Laurio (Finland, producer of “Off the Map”, “Playing Solo”, and Alvaro Longoria (Spanish, producent m.in. “Asterix i Obelix”, “Mama, Che”).

European Producers Club

The European Producers Club is an organisation that represents leading European producers on the international forum, and is one of a few select organisations that serve as official partners for negotiating with the European Commission regarding any regulations concerning the audiovisual industry.

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