EAVE workshops in Warsaw

One of the most highly acclaimed forums for producers, the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs workshops, will take place in Warsaw from 17-24 November.

In EAVE workshops, which have been operating for 20 years, the organisers have succeeded in connecting the training process with film project development. The concept has become a pattern for many other training programmes.

Each year during EAVE workshops, over 40 projects are developed, almost half of which are later completed. Many previous participants have gone on to present their films and receive awards at prestigious film festivals, including in Berlin, Cannes, Locarno and Toronto.


About 50 feature and documentary film producers are taking part in the three-week workshops, held in Luxembourg and two other European cities – this year in Drogheda, Ireland and in Warsaw.

The workshops provide an opportunity to work with experts on particular stages of each project. While working on cinematography, the scripts are analysed, a budget is drawn up, and participants are briefed on legal issues, marketing strategy and pitching techniques.


During the next session, which this year will take place in Warsaw, the participants will show their projects to directors, film fund representatives and sales agents.

The EAVE workshops in Warsaw will include lectures and meetings for Polish professionals, a so-called Mini EAVE. All lectures, panels and meetings are held in English. The Polish partner of EAVE is the Polish Filmmakers Association. The project has financial support of the Polish Film Institute.


Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza