Eurimages Supports Polish Doc

Zud (Polish title: Dziecko stepu, English title: Child of the Steppe), a documentary film directed by Marta Minorowicz, received financial support from Eurimages, the European film production fund. The film is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Polish Documentary Receives Eurimages Support

The Eurimages European film fund granted financing to 19 international co-productions, for a total amount of 5,367,000 euros. One of the selected projects is Zud, a feature documentary film directed by Marta Minorowicz. The project received a total of 60,000 euros.


The protagonist of Marta Minorowicz’s Zud is Suhbat, a 13-year-old boy torn between two worlds. On one hand he loves the steppe where he grew up, but on the other, his studies at the city school foster his fascination with the possibilities that lie ahead in contemporary Mongolia. Forced to help pay off his father’s gambling debt and save the family from bankruptcy, Suhbat has to take part in a horse race. Such tremendous responsibility placed on the child seems to be beyond his capability.

A Film Supported by the Polish Film Institute

Zud is a Polish-German co-production; the film’s Polish producer is Otter Films, with Zero One Film as the German co-producer. The film is written and directed by Marta Minorowicz (Decresendo, Kawałek lata) and lensed by Paweł Chorzępa. Zud has been co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and the Polish-German Co-Development Fund.


Eurimages is the Council of Europe’s fund for supporting international co-production, distribution and exhibition of European audiovisual works, with 36 member states. Poland has been a member of Eurimages since 1991.


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Paulina Bez


Translated by Karolina Kołtun