"Felix, Net i Nika..." Recognized

Felix, Net i Nika oraz Teoretycznie Możliwa Katastrofa (Felix, Net and Nika and the Theoretically Possible Catastrophe), an adventure film for young audiences directed by Wiktor Skrzynecki, has received the award for Best Feature Film in the Mixed Media category (combining live-action with animation and special effects) at the International Family Film Festival, which ran from May 1 through May 5 at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

International Family Film Festival

This festival is dominated by films from Hollywood, Japan, and other countries with a thriving film industry. It is not often that European films are showcased at the International Family Film Festival. The only films from Eastern Europe screened at this festival were the Polish film Jacek i Placek by Leszek Gałysz in 1994 and The Book of Masters by Russian director Vadim Sokolovsky, a full-length feature animation made in co-production with the Walt Disney Company. In 2010, The Book of Masters received an award in the Mixed Media category, the same category where Felix, Net and Nika was recognized at this year’s edition of the festival.


In addition to film competitions in various Oscar® categories, the International Family Film Festival also features screenwriting competitions, film workshops, discussion panels, and lectures by acclaimed filmmakers from the world of family movies. In recent years, the festival has welcomed an ever-growing presence of Chinese cinema and its representatives, which evolved into a permanent international partner of this event.


Further details about the International Family Film Festival are available at: www.iffilmfest.org.

Felix, Net and Nika (…)

Felix, Net i Nika oraz Teoretycznie Możliwa Katastrofa (Felix, Net and Nika and the Theoretically Possible Catastrophe) was produced by Warsaw-based WFDiF, based on the bestselling novel of the same title, written by Rafał Kosik. The film was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. Special effects, which received great praise in Hollywood, are the work of the Lightcraft company, which also co-produced the film. The film’s other co-producer was Estrada Poznańska.


The festival in Raleigh marked another in a series of international screenings for this film. Previous festival screenings included international competitions in Zlin (Czech Republic), CineKid in Amsterdam, Ale Kino in Poznań, and in Leeds (England).


Distribution is handled by Phoenix Film. The film had its Polish theatrical release on September 28, 2012.


Written by Kalina Cybulska based on the press release


Translated by Karolina Kołtun