Film sets and outdoor cinemas can operate from 18 May

Resumption of work on film sets, taking into account the sanitary requirements and enabling the operation of outdoor cinemas, including  drive-in ones –  these activities, inter alia,  were in the third stage of lifting the restrictions associated with the coronavirus epidemic. The decision was made at a meeting of the Governmental Crisis Management Team.

As emphasized by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage prof. Piotr Gliński, the current lifting of some restrictions is to enable the maximum safe return to partial activity of people of culture, which should also have a positive impact on their economic situation.

Film sets

On resuming film sets it is recommended  that all team members work in masks, as long as this does not prevent them from effectively performing their tasks and duties. Exceptions include actors due to their characterization and hairstyles – in this case, it is recommended that they maintain distance from other members of the film crew. It is also recommended to limit the number of people on the set to the maximum depending on the nature of the shooting day and to arrange the crew in such a way as not to create larger clusters, e.g. by  creating zones to move around the film set

Outdoor and drive-in cinemas

Drive-in and outdoor cinemas will be able to operate while maintaining social distance. Viewers should stay in the car or in a designated place before, during or after the show. Any possible additional services at the cinema, including gastronomy, if allowed, can be delivered to the vehicle only by the cinema staff without the possibility of leaving the vehicle by viewers who should also be obliged to cover their mouths and nose with a mask or a visor for the entire period in which the window in the vehicle will be open and when out of the vehicle. In the case of drive-in cinemas, only passenger cars may be allowed to participate in the shows.

Detailed guidelines are here