The 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival runs from June 21 through July 2. This year’s lineup features a special section dedicated to Polish cinema.

Focus on Poland

This year the Edinburgh festival team has dedicated a special section to Polish cinema, which — according to the festival website — is one of the most vibrant cinematic landscapes in the world.

The lineup of Focus on Poland includes a number of feature films:

  • Powidoki (Afterimage), directed by Andrzej Wajda;
  • Wołyń (Volhynia), directed by Wojciech Smarzowski;
  • Słońce, to słońce mnie oślepiło (The Sun, the Sun Blinded Me), directed by Anka Sasnal and Wilhelm Sasnal;
  • Amok, directed by Katarzyna Adamik;
  • Królewicz Olch (The Erlprince), directed by Kuba Czekaj;
  • Serce miłości (A Heart of Love), directed by Łukasz Ronduda;
  • Szatan kazał tańczyć (Satan Said Dance), directed by Katarzyna Rosłaniec;
  • Zwierzęta (Animals), directed by Greg Zgliński

The lineup also features Nawet nie wiesz, jak bardzo cię kocham (You Have No Idea How Much I Love You), a documentary by Paweł Łoziński.

Screenings will be complemented by a special lecture called “Diamonds out of the Ashes: A Brief Survey of Polish Cinema 1946 – Present”. There will also be a special screening of short films to commemorate 15 years of the Wajda School. These films include Telefono by Marcin Wrona, Aria Diva by Agnieszka Smoczyńska, and Joanna by Aneta Kopacz. Audiences will also have an opportunity to see a selection of recent Polish short films, including:

  • Więzi (Close Ties), directed by Zofia Kowalewska;
  • Złe uczynki (Evil Deeds), directed by Piotr Domalewski;
  • Miejscy kowboje (Urban Cowboys), directed by Paweł Ziemilski;
  • Debiut (Debut), directed by Katarzyna Kijek;
  • Ciało obce (Foreign Body), directed by Marta Magnuska

Polish-British Co-Production Meeting

In conjunction with Focus on Poland, the 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival will feature a Polish-British co-production meeting, attended by Polish producers. The meeting is scheduled for June 27 in Edinburgh.

Further details are available on the festival website:

Translated by Karolina Kołtun