"Gabriel" Awarded at Schlingel

On Saturday, October 19, young actor Jan Rotowski accepted the Special Jury Prize of the 18th Schlingel Film Festival for the film Gabriel, directed by Mikołaj Haremski. This international children’s film festival has been organized annually in Chemnitz since 1996.


Gabriel previously screened at the Montreal Film Festival, and the Polish Film Festival in Seattle (an event co-financed by the Polish Film Institute). The film also received four awards at the Cinerockom festival in Malibu: Best Photography, Best Original Score, Best Young Actor, and Best Feature Film.


Gabriel will soon screen in Main Competition at the International Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad, India, and at two film festivals co-financed by the Polish Film Institute: the Polish Film Festival in Chicago and the ‘Ale Kino!’ International Young Audience Film Festival in Poznań.

A Film for Young Audiences

Gabriel is a film for young audiences; it is a story of friendship and teenage dilemmas, with a touch of both mystery and comedy. The film’s main character is 12-year-old Tomek. One day, Tomek decides to leave his grandparents’ house and set off on a journey in search of his father. He quickly gets himself into trouble, which is when Gabriel, a mysterious friend, comes to his aid. Despite the many misunderstandings, the two boys become friends and together they face further dangerous adventures. Tomek gets closer to meeting his father, and discovering Gabriel’s secret.


The film stars Jan Rotowski, as well as Natan Czyżewski, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Krzysztof Globisz, Paweł Królikowski, Cezary Kosiński, Przemysław Bluszcz, Sławomir Orzechowski, and Tomasz Sapryk.

A Film Supported by the Polish Film Institute

Gabriel was produced by Anima-Pol, co-produced with Centrum Technologii Audiowizualnych, and co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The film is scheduled for theatrical release in Poland in early 2014.


Based on information from the producer


Translated by Karolina Kołtun