Golden Lions for "Saviour Square"

Saviour Square (Plac Zbawiciela) by Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze were awarded Golden Lions at the 31st Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. Jowita Budnik and Zbigniew Zamachowski received awards for the best roles.

A jury composed of Feliks Falk, chairman, Grzegorz Łoszewski, Dorota Kolak, Jerzy R.Michaluk, Grzegorz Kędzierski, Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz, and Anna Kazejak-Dawid, on 16 September 2006 awarded the following prizes:


The Golden Lion Award for Best Film Saviour Square (Plac Zbawiciela) by Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze;


The Golden Lion Award for Best Film ProducerSaviour Square;


Special Award of the Jury funded by Elżbieta Kruk, the President of The National Council of Radio Broadcasting and Television – What the Sun Saw (Co słonko widziało) by Michał Rosa, and Extras (Statyści) by Michał Kwieciński;


President of Poland Special Award for remarkable social sensitivity – Saviour Square;


The President of Gdynia Award for acting debut – Marta Malikowska in the film Facing Up (Przebacz) by Marek Stachurski.


Individual Awards:

  • for film directing – Marek Koterski, We’re All Christs (Wszyscy jesteśmy Chrystusami);
  • for script – Jarosław Sokół, Extras (Statyści);
  • for a directing debut – Xawery Żuławski, Chaos, and Mariusz Gawryś, Sztuka masażu;
  • for a woman’s role – Jowita Budnik, Saviour Square;
  • for a man’s role – Zbigniew Zamachowski, Came the Uhlans (Przybyli Ułani);
  • for cinematography – Bogumił Godfrejow, Retrieval (Z odzysku), and Arkadiusz Tomiak, Extras and Palimpsest;
  • for music – Paweł Szymański, Saviour Square;
  • for scenography to the film Jasminum Joanna Goroszkiewicz;
  • for best supporting actress – Anna Romantowska, Extras, and Ewa Wencel, Saviour Square;
  • for best supporting actor – Krzysztof Kiersznowski, Extras;
  • for sound effects in a film – What the Sun Saw, Piotr Domaradzki;
  • for editing – Retrieval, Jarosław Kamiński;
  • for costumes – Chaos, Anna Englert.


A jury composed of Janusz Kijowski, chairman, Rafał Buks, Bogumił Godfrejow, Jan Komasa, and Maciej Migas, after watching 21 films that were qualified by the Organization Committee, awarded the following prizes:


Independent Cinema Competition Grand PrixRafał Kapeliński for Emily Cries (Emilka płacze) – for an honest, nostalgic, touching and unpretentious picture of a character in the process of growing up and for a credible presentation of the realities and the climate of the tragic years of martial law;


Special Award of the JuryJarek Kupść for Slumberland (Kraina snu) – for a personal and moving film about a father’s love for his son and about seeking the sense of life;


Multimedia Poland Special AwardMariusz Pujszo for Polisz kicz projekt kontratakuje – for a real comedian and an autonomic summing up of his own works and an original look at alternative sources for financing national film production;


Honourable Mention for 19-year-old Michał Biliński, director of the film Teraz Polska – for courage in showing anger coming from xenophobia and intolerance;


Mention Tomasz Augustynek, author of cinematography for Cold Kenya by Lawrence Walsh, for expressive presentation of the inner emptiness of the main character and for the plastic virtues of the picture;


Mention – for the film team focused on Dariusz Nojman, for a credible portrayal of the young generation in Studia upadku.

Awards beyond the statue


The President of the Polish Filmmakers Association Award for creative presentation of reality to Marek Koterski for We’re All Christs (Wszyscy jesteśmy Chrystusami).


The Journalists’ Award for Saviour Square by Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze.


The Journalists’ special mention for Immensity of Justice (Bezmiar sprawiedliwości) by Wiesław Saniewski.

The Gdańsk Radio Golden Claqueur to Extras by Michał Kwieciński.


Award given by the festival organisers and Polish film retrospectives abroad to What the Sun Saw by Michał Rosa.


Audience Award to Jasminum by Jan Jakub Kolski.


TVP Programme Council Honourable Award for the creators of Extras.


The President of Polish Television, Bronisław Wildstein Award for Saviour Square.


Amber Lions funded by “Kina Polskie” and the Association of Film Distributors for Just Love Me (Tylko mnie kochaj).


Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza