Good Reviews after Karlovy Vary

After the 47th edition of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in foreign industry magazines appeared postive reviews of Polish films which were presented during the festival.

To Kill a Beaver – Intelligent Thriller

Stephen Dalton writes in the review of To Kill a Beaver in The Hollywood Reporter that “crafted with the crisp assurance of an artisan, Kolski’s upmarket genre piece earned (…) Best Actor prize at (…) Karlovy Vary film festival. With the right marketing, it has a sufficiently taut style and strong plot to find an audience beyond the usual limited markets of subtitled Euro cinema. (…) A potent blend of pulpy violence and existential bleakness, this is a solid new addition to Polish cinema’s long tradition of intelligent thrillers.” 


Boyd Van Hoeij in the review of To Kill a Beaver in Variety paid attention to a very good acting of main characters: “As with any character study, much depends on the work of the actors, and Lubos (…) is perfect here as the emotionally damaged war veteran obeying his own specific orders while being both destabilized and humanized by his contact with the sprightly Bezi, played with natural affability by Pawelkiewicz.”

Shameless – Familial Melodrama

Shameless by Filip Marczewski appeared on the list of best films prsented at Karlovy Vary film festival according to the website Indie Wire. Boyd Van Hoeij writes in his resumé of the festival also about the debut by Filip Marczewski: “Though it explores some complicated and dark themes, the film, written by Grzegorz Łoszewski, remains surprisingly light of touch for most of its duration, with a tone generally closer to familial melodrama than full-on tragedy. Even the unavoidable sex scenes are tastefully filmed, so the biggest shock of all, seen what the film is actually portraying, is how tame it all feels.”

In a Bedroom – Character Study with Psychological Depth

Stephen Dalton in the review of In a Bedroom in The Hollywood Reporter writes: “The feature-length debut of 32-year-old writer-director Tomasz Wasilewski is an artfully shot character study that reveals its psychological depths with guarded caution, like a slow-motion striptease. (…) In a Bedroom (…) is stylish and sardonic enough to reward curious niche audiences with a taste for bittersweet Eastern European realism. (…) Wasilewski shows an impressive flair for tightly controlled emotional tone and striking geometric compositions.”


Review of To Kill a Beaver in The Hollywood Reporter:


Review of Shameless in Indie Wire:


Review of In a Bedroom in The Hollywood Reporter:


Review of To Kill a Beaver in Variety:


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