Good Reviews for "Flying Blind"

Flying Blind
Flying Blind


The world premiere of the UK production Flying Blind, the feature debut from European Film Award winning director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, took place on June 24 at the 66th International Edinburgh Film Festival.


Flying Blind, which received good reviews and good press in industry magazines, is the story of a female aviation engineer, Frankie. She meets a young Algerian man and becomes involved with him. Their affair quickly develops into something serious. But it soon turns out that Frankie’s lover is suspected of having ties with terrorist organizations. Journalists praised the performance of the film’s leading actress Helen McCrory, acclaimed British film and theatre actress.

Variety and Screen Daily

“A sleekly styled feature debut for award-winning Polish shorts director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, [an] ungainly but intriguing hybrid of erotic drama and post-9/11 thriller,” wrote Guy Lodge for Variety magazine.


“Modest but absorbing […] carefully surrenders its secrets whilst maintaining enough notes of ambiguity to leave viewers intrigued about the truth of the matter.” wrote Allan Hunter for Screen Daily.

Romance an Drama

“Katarzyna Klimkiewicz weaves effortlessly between [romance and political drama,] these two widely contrasting genres with remarkable control […]. But the director’s biggest success come in the moments that she manages to put us into the shoes of her protagonist,” wrote Daniel Sarath for Screen Invasion.


“A promising debut. […] It’s very good. […] The ending is particularly strong,” wrote Andrew Robertson for Eye on Film, giving Flying Blind (as did Daniel Sarath) four stars on a five-star scale.


The date of the film’s Polish premiere has yet to be set.


Aleksandra Różdżyńska


Translated by Karolina Kołtun