Ilegitim (Illegitimate), a Romanian-Polish-French co-production directed by Adrian Sitaru, received the award of the International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE) at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival.


The CICAE International Federation of Art Cinemas has two juries at Berlinale – one for films in the Panorama section, the other for films screening in Berlinale Forum. Each jury presents one award. This year’s jury members Aistė Račaitytė, Lysann Windisch and Michał Matuszewski (representing Warsaw-based KINO LAB) recognized Ilegitim (Illegitimate), a Romanian-Polish-French co-production directed by Adrian Sitaru.
Ewa Kujawińska, representing Centrum Kultury Zamek in Poznań, was jury member on this year’s other CICAE jury.

Further details about the International Confederation of Art Cinemas are available at: cicae.org.

Ilegitim (Illegitimate)

While meeting with his four grown children and their life partners, widower Victor is happy to enjoy his role as patriarch. He discusses physics and wine, until his son Cosma confronts him with the fact that his name has been noted in documents that suggest he had denounced women trying to shed light on the ban on abortion that was in force until 1989. The mood quickly shifts. Victor tries to defend himself, claiming that he is in fact pro-life, to which his twin children Sasha and Romi owe their lives, considering that their mother had wanted to get an abortion. But moments later, when Sasha announces she is pregnant, Victor’s views will be put to a test.

The film’s Polish co-producer is Film Produkcja. Reviews of Ilegitim (Illegitimate) are available at:

Further details about the film are available at: www.facebook.com/ilegitim.

Translated by Karolina Kołtun