Eliza Kubarska’s documentary K2. Dotknąć nieba (K2 — Touching the Sky) is currently screening at IDFA in Amsterdam in the festival’s Best of Fests section. The film has recently gained acclaim at mountain film festivals in Canada, Austria and the United Kingdom.

In K2. Dotknąć nieba (K2 – Touching the Sky), director and mountain climber Eliza Kubarska travels to the foot of K2 with the children of mountain climbers who met their tragic end on this mountain in 1986. The film was produced by HBO Europe and Wajda Studio.

Awards in Canada, Austria and the United Kingdom

In early November, K2. Dotknąć nieba (K2 – Touching the Sky) received two top awards at international film festivals: the award for best feature film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Canada and the Alpine Camera in Gold award at the Graz International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival in Austria. Most recently, the film received the Grand Prize at the Kendal Mountain Festival in the United Kingdom.

About the Film

In the world of mountain climbing, the year 1986 was dubbed ‘the black summer’ because of the number of mountain climbers who died that year while attempting to climb the world’s second highest peak. Among them were acclaimed climbers Tadeusz Piotrowski, Dobrosława Miodowicz-Wolf and Julie Tullis. Almost thirty years later, their children – Hania Piotrowska, Łukasz Wolf, Lindsay Tullis and Chris Tullis — travel to the foot of K2 with director Eliza Kubarska to try to understand what was it about this mountain that had fascinated their parents so much and what motivated them to decide to risk everything to climb it.

A Film Supported by the Polish Film Institute

The documentary K2. Dotknąć nieba (K2 – Touching the Sky) was co-produced by HBO Europe and Wajda Studio, with participation from Inselfilm Produktion, Braidmade Films and Vertical Vision Film Studio, and with support from the Polish Film Institute and Servus TV. The film uses archive footage, including Tadeusz Piotrowski’s letters to his wife and unborn child. The film was lensed by Radosław Ładczuk and scored by Michał Jacaszek. K2. Dotknąć nieba (K2 – Touching the Sky) premiered at this year’s Krakow Film Festival and was first broadcast on HBO on June 14. The film is now available on HBO GO, and will be broadcast twice on HBO2 in December: at 10pm on December 16 and at 3.35pm on December 18.

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Translated by Karolina Kołtun