Co-financed by the Polish Film Institute  Polish-British-French co-production will be released in the United States December 21st. Amazon Studios will be distributing the Polish Oscar candidate.

“Cold War” in cinemas around the world

Paweł Pawlikowski’s film, awarded in Cannes, is the most successful in France, where Diaphana is responsible for its distribution. The movie had its premiere on October 24 and so far it has generated 330,000 admissions and earned over $ 1,700,000.

“Cold War” had also appeared, among others in:

  • Great Britain (Dist. Curzon Artificial Eye, premiere on 31/08/2018),
  • Spain (by Caramel Films, premiere on 5/10/2018),
  • Argentina (by CDI Films, premiere on 1/11/2018),
  • Belgium (by Cinéart, premiere on 31/10/2018),
  • Greece (by StraD Films, premiere on 25/10/2018),
  • Finland (by Finnkino, premiere on 26/10/2018),
  • Iceland (Dist. Bio Paradis, premiere on 2.11.2018),
  • Norway (distributed by Norsk film distribution, premiere on 26/10/2018),
  • Portugal (by Midas Filmes, premiere on 20.09.2018),
  • Czech Republic (District Aerofilms, premiere on 12/07/2018),
  • Slovakia (the Association des ciné-clubs slovaques, premiere on 04/10/2018),
  • Slovenia (Fivia, premiere on 04/10/2018),
  • Switzerland (Filmcoopi, premiere 3.10.2018 / 29/11/2018),
  • Russia (District Central Partnership, premiere on 16/11/2018).

On December 20, the film will be released in cinemas in Brazil (California Films) and on December 26 in Australia (Palace Films). In the United States and Turkey, the film will appear on December 21st. The American distributor of the film is Amazon Studios. “Cold War” is a Polish candidate for Oscar®.

The rights to the film were also purchased by China, Japan, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Israel. In total, the rights were sold for as many as 60 territories.

European Film Award for Jarosław Kamiński

The jury of the European Film Award announced the first winners of the European Film Award. Jarosław Kamiński received the statuette for the Best Editor for “Cold War.”

“The cuts in COLD WAR are meaningful and emotional, almost like poetry – explains the jury. – This poetic way of editing supports and enhances the sensuality of the story. The editor sensitively leads the heroes through time, emphasizing their isolation from each other in space, the fragmentarity of their relationship and the impossibility of being together”.

The film has a chance to win five more prizes: for the best film, for the best actress (Joanna Kulig), the best actor (Tomasz Kot), the best director and the best screenwriter (Paweł Pawlikowski). Prizes in the above categories will be announced on December 15 in Seville.

Chance for Golden Globe and BIFA

“Cold War” was also on the list of 80 films from around the world competing for the Golden Globe nomination in the Best Foreign Film category. The previous film by Pawlikowski, “Ida”, fought for the prize awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in 2015. Nominations will be announced on December 6.

Co-production co-financed by the Polish Film Institute was also nominated for the British Independent Film Awards in the category of Best  Foreign Independent Film. These prizes are awarded to independent productions in the United Kingdom. “Cold War” competitors in this category are: “Capernaum” (directed by Nadine Labaki, USA, Lebanon), “The Rider” (directed by Chloé Zhao, USA), “Roma” (directed by Alfonso Cuarón, Mexico, USA) and “Shoplifters” (directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, Japan).

International co-production

“Cold War” tells the story of the great and difficult love of two people who cannot be together but also cannot be apart. The lead roles are played by Tomasz Kot and Joanna Kulig, with supporting performances from Agata Kulesza and Borys Szyc. The events shown in “Cold War” take place in Poland and the slowly re-awakening Europe of the 1950s and 1960s, and they are set against a unique soundtrack which combines Polish folk music with jazz and songs from the Parisian bars of the last century.

“Cold War” is a Polish-British-French co-production. The Polish producer of the film is Ewa Puszczyńska from the Opus Film studio, the French producer MK Productions, and the British producer – Apocalypso Pictures. The film co-financed, among others, the Polish Film Institute. The Polish distributor is Kino Świat. In Poland, “Cold War” has nearly 900,000 admissions. The film is available on DVD, Blu-ray and VoD services.