Katarzyna Klimkiewicz at DOX:LAB 2012

Thanks to the initiative and support of the Polish Film Institute, director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz will take part in the DOX:LAB 2012 training and production programme.


Launched in 2009, DOX:LAB is an intercultural programme for 20 selected filmmakers from European and non-European countries. The programme runs for a whole year and focuses on special courses for developing and presenting a project at international pitching sessions. The aim of DOX:LAB is to build an international network of long-term professional collaboration. The programme is run by the CPH:DOX International Film Festival in Denmark.

Co-Operation Between Filmmakers

The main goal of the project is to foster co-operation among filmmakers, who are placed in pairs and work together to develop and produce a film. CPH:DOX gives each pair a grant for developing the project in the amount of 13,000 EUR. Since 2009, the programme has seen over 30 talented filmmakers from around the world, including Khavn de la Cruz (Philippines), Nicolas Pereda (Mexico), Mauro Andrizzi (Argentina), Woo Ming Jin (Malaysia), and Renate Costa (Paraguay). The programme’s most spectacular success to date is the production of Accidentes Gloriossos, developed within the framework of DOX:LAB by Marcus Lindeen (Sweden) and Mauro Andrizzi (Argentina). The film received the Orrizonti award at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.

Workshops in Copenhagen

The first DOX:LAB workshop will take place in Copenhagen between November 1 and November 10, 2012, during the CPH:DOX International Film Festival. DOX:LAB participants will meet there for the first time, and will take part in master classes, individual courses and consulting sessions. After the workshop, they will receive their development grant. All films produced within the framework of DOX:LAB 2012 will have their premiere at the CPH:DOX 2013 festival.

Polish Illusions at CPH:DOX

The CPH:DOX festival (November 1-11) section called Danish Dynamite will feature the film Polish Illusions, directed by Jacob Dammas. The film was made in co-production between Poland, Germany and Denmark, and was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, the Polish-German Co-Development Fund, and the West Pomeranian Film Fund. Polish Illusions previously screened in the Documentary Film Competition at the 47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.


Further details about the DOX:LAB project available at: www.cphdox.dk/doxlab/index.lasso.


The CPX:DOX official festival website: www.cphdox.dk/d/index.


Maria Łętowska


Translated by Karolina Kołtun