Klaudia Śmieja - Producer on the Move 2016

Polish producer Klaudia Śmieja is among the participants of this year’s edition of the prestigious ‘Producers on the Move’ programme, scheduled to take place between May 14 and May 17 during the 69th Cannes International Film Festival.

17th Edition of ‘Producers on the Move’

The 17th edition of the ‘Producers on the Move’ programme, organized in Cannes by European Film Promotion, will be attended by 20 young producers from across Europe. Participation in the programme is aimed at building a network of industry professionals who will play an increasingly significant role in European filmmaking. The programme is supported by Eurimages and Creative Europe.

Klaudia Śmieja

Klaudia Śmieja will now join the ever-growing ranks of Polish participants in the programme. She co-produced such films as Niewinne (Les innocentes) by Anne Fontaine, Illegitim by Adrian Sitaru, Radiogram by Rouzie Hassanova. She was also an executive producer of Rams (Hrutar), Sweet Home, Pod Mocnym Aniołem (The Mighty Angel) and Warsaw by Night. She was one of the producers of Chemia(Chemo) by Bartosz Prokopowicz.

Currently she is working on international co-productions such as Gareth Jones by Agnieszka Holland, Under the Tree by Hafsteinn Sigurdsson, Foam at the Mouth by Janis Nords and Park by Sofia Exarchou.

Polish ‘Producers on the Move’

Polish ‘Producers on the Move’ at past editions of the programme included Mariusz Włodarski (2015), Mikołaj Pokromski (2014), Agnieszka Kurzydło (2013), Marta Plucińska (2012), Łukasz Dzięcioł (2011), and Kamila Polit (2010). This year’s ‘Producers on the Move’ will run from May 14 through May 17, during the 69th Cannes International Film Festival.

Further details are available on the European Film Promotion website: www.efp-online.com.