"Królowa Pik" at 2014 DOK.Incubator

The final selection of this year’s DOK.Incubator documentary workshop has been announced. One of the projects developed within the workshop will be a Polish film entitled Królowa Pik (The Queen of Spades), directed by Agnieszka Zwiefka. The film is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Polish Film at International Workshop

Królowa Pik is one of eight projects selected for this year’s DOK.Incubator programme. The film will tell the story of ten-year-old Denisa, an illegal immigrant living in Poland. Although she has never been diagnosed with any disease, the girl is mute, which makes her an outcast among her peers. Denisa lives in a world of her own, a world of music, dance, and Bollywood films. Królowa Pik (The Queen of Spades) is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

DOK. Incubator Workshop

The DOK.Incubator workshop is a project that focuses on eight documentary film projects at the rough cut stage of editing. For six months, participants work on their final cut and on the right distribution and marketing strategies. Assistance from experienced editors, producers, sales agents and marketing experts help these film increase their international reach potential and find audiences around the world.

First Stage of the Workshop Set to Take Place in Krakow

The first of the three workshops co-financed by the Polish Film Institute will run from May 21 through May 28 in Krakow. Participants will focus on narrative and examine the distribution potential of their projects. Confirmed lecturers at the Krakow workshop include Gesa Marten, German editor and member of the European Film Academy, Per K. Kirkegaard, Emmy Award winner for Best Editing on Armadillo, and Claas Danielsen, filmmaker and head of the DOK Leipzig International Film Festival.

Event Co-Financed by the Polish Film Institute

The DOK.Incubator workshop is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The Krakow Film Festival and the Wajda School are the project partners on the Polish side.

Workshop Open to the Public

The workshop also offers an opportunity to participate in one of the projects and gain knowledge by observing the development of one of the participating films. Applications for observers are available online at dokincubator.net/application-for-observers. The list of selected observers will be published on May 8, 2014.


Further details are available at dokincubator.net.


Magdalena Wylężałek


Translated by Karolina Kołtun