"Little Moscow" conquers its namesake

Little Moscow (Mała Moskwa) was warmly received by viewers at the Moscow International Film Festival June 19-June 28. After the holidays, the film by Waldemar Krzystek will be regularly distributed in Russia.


The film, which received the Golden Lion at last year’s Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, was shown on 26 June in the Main Competition at the Moscow IFF. The screening took place in the main cinema “Oktiabrskij”, and the 1,500-seat hall was packed with viewers. Jerzy Bahr, the Polish Ambassador to Russia, was a guest at the screening.

“It is a very clear picture,” said Kiriłł Razłogow, the programme director at the festival and a leading Russian film critic. “It is distinguished from other films in the competition, which mostly are hard and gloomy.”

The film is about the love between a young married Russian woman and a Polish officer in the 1960s in the Polish town of Legnica, the headquarters of a permanent garrison of the Soviet Red Army.


Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza