London: New Polish Women Directors

November 18 will mark the screening of the New Polish Women Directors programme at London’s Riverside Studios. The event may be developed into a regular cycle aimed at promoting Polish filmmakers.


During November’s event, audiences will have an opportunity to see four Polish productions, including animated and live action films. After the screenings, there will be a Q&A with the directors, moderated by journalist Bogdan Frymorgen.

Films in New Polish Women Directors Lineup:

  • Snępowina (Sleepincord), directed by Marta Pajek
  • Póki wilk syty (Wolf’s Clothing), directed by Olga Kałagate
  • Niewinność (Innocence), directed by Daria Woszek
  • Dolls Can’t Cry, directed by Aleksandra Czenczek

Promoting Polish Cinema

The idea behind launching the New Polish Women Directors programme was to promote young female Polish directors abroad. Sonia Mazurek, responsible for organizing the event, states the following: “Polish women directors make a lot of wonderful films, which later receive very limited exposure among audiences. Our goal is to present these films to a wider audience […]. London is the first city where we’re organizing this event, but we have plans to organize screenings in other venues in the future.”


Further details about the New Polish Women Directors event are available at: and


Written by Marta Sikorska based on the press release


Translated by Karolina Kołtun