Łukasz Dziedzic with the ASC Student Heritage award

The American Society of Cinematographers awarded Student Heritage Awards to the rising talents of cinematography. One of the awarded is the Polish cinematographer Łukasz Dziedzic.

This year, American awards were given to students and graduates from three American universities: American Film Institute, Brigham Young University and Florida State University.

From the left M. David Mullen and Łukasz Dziedzic. Photo: Alex Lopez.

Łukasz Dziedzic received the main prize named Richard H. Kline for the graduation film “Animals” directed by Chen-Wen Lo.

“After watching the work from all the nominees, it was exciting to see how the next generation of filmmakers visually interprets stories for the screen,” says ASC President Kees van Oostrum. “Our winners took a genuine approach to telling stories that evoked a range of emotions, impressing the jury of ASC members. Their mastery of the art and craft of cinematography is inspiring.”

Łukasz Dziedzic

Łukasz Dziedzic graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory at the Department of Cinematography and the Lodz Film School. He also studied Cinematography at the Warsaw Film School. After graduation, he worked as an assistant cinematographer of  Janusz Kamiński on the feature films “Call Of The Wild” and “West Side Story” (both will have their premieres in 2020). Łukasz gained the camera operator’s workshop, assisting the camera operator and  the director Łukasz Kośmicki, he also collaborated on the production of the film “Papusza” by Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze and the series of Canal + “Blood”.


The award-winning ASC movie tells the story of Su Su Myat, a girl who was forcibly recruited into the Burmese army. One day, she manages to escape from the battlefield with her brother, Tin Min. When caught, Su Su Myat faces a terrifying choice.

The film was made as a diploma project at the AFI Conservatory, the pictures were made in California.

More information: https://theasc.com/news/asc-presents-2019-student-heritage-awards