Marcin Koszałka and Michał Fojcik Nominated to GOPO Awards

11 nominations for the Romanian Film Awards GOPO for Polish-Romanian co-production titled “Love 1: Dog” directed by Florin Şerban, including nominations for Polish filmmakers – Marcin Koszałka (best cinematography) and Michał Fojcik (best sound).

Full list of nominations:

  • Best feature film – Florin Şerban, Oana Iancu
  • Best director – Florin Şerban
  • Best actor – Valeriu Andriuta
  • Best actress – Cosmina Stratan
  • The best cinematography – Marcin Koszałka
  • The best assembly – Florin Şerban
  • The best sound – Michał Fojcik
  • Best music – Pauchi Sasaki
  • Best set design – Mihaël Poenaru
  • Best costumes – Elena Frăţilă
  • Best make up – Bianca Boeroiu

Izabela Igel (Harine Films) is the Polish producer of the film, and SoundMind, Non Stop Film Service and Film District are the co-producers. The film was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

“Love 1: Dog”

People never lose the need for love, even if they stop looking for meaning in relationships with other people. An extremely lonely man falls in love with a woman. She turns his world upside down and with violence, despair and anger makes him start to appreciate the fact that he’s alive. A film about love, the first part of the Balkan trilogy.

From the director’s explication

For a long time I wanted to make a film about love and loneliness. About how lonely people love. Desperation with which loners experience passion, anger, which they bring into love. In lonely unloved people the passion is waiting, boiling over. And when such people find the object of their passion, their love is violent, restless. And because they lack the “habit” of loving, because they do not know the rituals and phases associated with love, they stumble, make mistakes, are terrified. They are like an albatross in Baudelaire’s poem, an albatross trapped on the beach. His large wings are embedded in the wet sand that accumulates on them. The huge wings of the bird make him a prisoner of sand.

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