MOJEeKINO.PL arthouse cinema platform is starting

A platform connecting dozens of arthouse cinemas – MOJEeKINO.PL will be launched on May 21. Cinemas which activities have been suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic will present their repertoires. The project of the Arthouse Cinema Association was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Through MOJEeKINO.PL individual cinemas will implement their own program, using the content available on the platform and prepare their own events. The repertoire will be cyclically changed, additionally enriched with meetings with creators, workshops, educational shows and film festivals. The virtual cinema will also be an opportunity to extend the possibility of watching the movie after opening traditional cinemas.

The platform can be accessed from the MOJEeKINO.PL website, as well as from the website of each cinema that participates in the project. It will be adapted for people with sight and hearing disabilities – some of the films will be screened with audio description and subtitles for the deaf. Grouping films into thematic collections like Italian cinema, documentary cinema or Scandinavian cinema makes it easier to navigate the platform. Currently 47 arthouse cinemas from all over Poland have declared their participation in the project, but there are still more volunteers.

Four premieres

At the beginning there will be screenings of four films: „Lake of wild geese” (21.05 at 20.30), „Assistant” (22.05, at 20.30), „Goodbye my son” (23.05, at 20.30) and „Towar” (24.05 at 20:30), which due to a pandemic did not hit the screens of traditional cinemas. On May 22, a documentary film will appear on the platform – „Kult. Film”. The repertoire will also include older titles such as: „Perfect Strangers”, „Welcome to Norway” or „Party” as well as documentaries from the Millenium Doscs Against Gravity festival: „Antropocen”, „Genesis 2.0” or „Tomorrow or day after tomorrow”. An offer has also been prepared for the youngest viewers straight from children’s festivals.

Once a week, as part of the „Hunting for films” cycle, together with the Andrzej Wajda Film Culture Center, meetings with artists will be held. This formula will host the only virtual screening of „Valley of the Gods” with Josh Hartnett and John Malkovich, and director Lech Majewski will be the guest before the screening.

Special events

The platform will be launched by the SPRING FILMS festival-  first in Poland, fully implemented online. It will take place from May 29 – June 7 at the same time in 47 cinemas throughout Poland. As part of the festival, over 30 films from major international film festivals will be shown for 10 days, including  Berlin, Cannes, Venice or Toronto. There will also be productions nominated and awarded by the European Film Academy and the American Film Academy. A large part of them are pre-premieres or Polish premieres.

Together with the Arthouse Cinema Association, the project is made up of distributors, including Aurora Films, Hagi, Galapagos, Spectator, Next Film, New Horizons Association and Velvet Spoon. The partners are the Polish Film Academy, the Polish Chamber of Audiovisual Producers and the Culture Without Barriers Foundation.