More Awards for "Viva Bel@rus"

Żywie Biełaruś (Viva Bel@rus), a film directed by Krzysztof Łukaszewicz and co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, received special mention at the “Korona Karpat” International Television Film Festival in Truskawiec (Ukraine).

Polish Film Wins Silver “Korona Karpat”

Jury members: Radosław Piwowarski (chairman of the jury), Jovan Markovic, Victor Vasiliev, Arkadiy Mikulskiy, and Natalia Serova awarded the Silver “Korona Karpat” (Eng.: Carpathian Crown) to the Polish feature. Lavon Volski, who composed the score for Żywie Biełaruś (Viva Bel@rus) also received special mention from the chairman of the jury for best original score. In 2010, the Truskawiec festival brought an award for best acting ensemble for the actors and actresses in Jutro idziemy do kina (Tomorrow We’re Going to the Movies), a film by Michał Kwieciński.


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Marta Sikorska


Translated by Karolina kołtun