"Nina" awarded in Karlskrona

Carl International Film Festival has announced the winners of its new competition programme for feature films from the Baltic Sea countries. Olga Chajdas won the award for Best Director for her feature debut film “Nina”.

The world premiere of the film took place at the International Film Festival Rotterdam earlier this year. In Rotterdam the film won The Big Screen Award.


“This is a story about an unexpected and difficult love, blurry relationships, complicated choices. Nina and Wojtek’s marriage has hit a rough patch. They’ve been trying to have a baby for years, but nothing seems to work. When they begin to search for a surrogate, they meet Magda. This is a story of passionate love; a love that is simply not interested in conventional roles,” reads the film’s synopsis.

The film stars Julia Kijowska, Eliza Rycembel and Andrzej Konopka. The script was written by Olga Chajdas and Marta Konarzewska. Nina was lensed by Tomasz Naumiuk and produced by Film It. The film was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Jury’s motivation Nina

Best Director’s award

“The main two women in the film Nina are strong, intelligent women that are not afraid of being themselves. The film is a true love story with an underlying erotic feel to it. It highlights the problems of conceiving a child and the expectations that both an individual and the society have about reproduction. It raises moral questions, but is not condemning. The acting was well nuanced and natural. Homosexuality, gender and class differences are the key topics and portrayed in a subtle way while not taking away the intimacy of the love story. The jury also wants to mention the beautiful cinematography and production design of the film.”

Further information: www.ciff.se

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