Off Plus Camera: Polish Competition

This year will mark the first Polish Feature Film Competition at the Off Plus Camera film festival in Krakow. An international jury will judge ten selected films that were produced over the past year.

The competition is aimed at showcasing the most interesting of domestic features, encouraging audiences to see latest Polish films, and at promoting and supporting first-time filmmakers. The award in the Polish Feature Film Competition is the Polish Film Nobel Prize, along with a cash prize of 100,000 PLN that will be split between the director and producer.


The Polish Feature Film Competition will include films recognized by domestic and international audiences, including Matka Teresa od kotów (Mother Teresa of Cats) by Paweł Sala, Chrzest (The Christening) by Marcin Wrona, Made in Poland by Przemysław Wojcieszek, and Prosta historia o miłości (Simple Love Story) by Arkadiusz Jakubik.


They will compete for the grand prize against lesser known Polish features, such as Z miłości (Out of Love) by Anna Jadowska, Moja Australia (My Australia) by Ami Drozd, Lincz (Lynch) by Krzysztof Łukaszewicz, Heniek by Eliza Kowalewska, Dwa ognie (Between Two Fires) by Agnieszka Łukasiak, and Druciki by Aleksandra Gowin and Ireneusz Grzyb. Many of these films have yet to be released theatrically. Their screening at Off Plus Camera will mark the first time they are to a wide audience at an international film festival.


Competition screenings will be complemented by Q&A sessions with the filmmakers, moderated by film critic Brandon Harris.


These Polish feature films will be judged by an international jury of film professionals: actress Rose McGowan, Hollywood casting director Ellen Chenoweth, production designer Roger Christian, founder and director of the Pusan IFF Kim Dong-Ho, and Russian film critic and film historian Andrei Stepanovich Plakhov.


Two Polish films will also screen in the festival’s Main Competition – Erratum by Marek Lechki and Sala samobójców (Suicide Room) by Jan Komasa. The fourth edition of the Off Plus Camera film festival will have twelve films from around the world competing for the Krakow Film Award. The jury will be presided by director Jerzy Skolimowski.


Further details available on the festival’s official website:


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Translated by Karolina Kołtun