Orły 2011: Candidate Films

Friday, 31 December 2010 brought the closing of the list of candidate films for the 2011 Orły (Eagles) awards. 32 Polish films qualified as candidates for these annual awards.

According to award regulations, in order to be eligible for competition, a film must fulfill the following criteria: “be a Polish film (…); a theatrically-released full-length feature i.e. over 50 minutes in duration; have been screened in cinemas for a period of at least seven consecutive days at commercial public screenings in Poland starting between January 1 and December 31 of the year preceding the given edition of the awards.”

According to information from independent sources, including boxoffice.pl, 32 Polish films qualified as of 31 December 2010. These are films for which distribution has been documented “based on data from reliable sources of market research in the field of film distribution in Poland, or upon application from the producer, supported by a statment from the distributor.”


List of candidate films for the Polish Film Awards – Orły 2011

(in alphabetical order, as of 31 December 2010)

  1. Chrzest (The Christening), directed by Marcin Wrona

  2. Ciacho (Superheroes), directed by Patryk Vega

  3. Czarny (Black), directed by Dominik Matwiejczyk

  4. Droga do raju (Earthly Paradise), directed by Gerwazy Reguła

  5. Essential Killing, directed by Jerzy Skolimowski

  6. Fenomen (Phenomenon), directed by Tadeusz Paradowicz

  7. Handlarz cudów (The Miracle Seller), directed by Jarosław Szoda and Bolesław Pawica

  8. Hel (The Rebound), directed by Kinga Dębska

  9. Huśtawka (The Swing), directed by Tomasz Lewkowicz

  10. Jestem twój (I Am Yours), directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek

  11. Joanna, directed by Feliks Falk

  12. Kołysanka (Lullaby), directed by Juliusz Machulski

  13. Las (The Forest), directed by Piotr Dumała

  14. Matka Teresa od kotów (Mother Teresa of Cats), directed by Paweł Sala

  15. Milczenie jest złotem (Silence is Golden), directed by Ewa Pytka

  16. Mistyfikacja (Mystification), directed by Jacek Koprowicz

  17. Moja krew (My Flesh My Blood), directed by Marcin Wrona

  18. Piksele (Pixels), directed by Jacek Lusiński

  19. Piotrek Trzynastego, directed by Piotr Matwiejczyk

  20. Projekt Dziecko (Project Baby), directed by Adam Dobrzycki

  21. Prosta historia o miłości (A Simple Story About Love), directed by Arkadiusz Jakubik

  22. Randka w ciemno (Blind Date), directed by Wojciech Wójcik

  23. Różyczka (Little Rose), directed by Jan-Kidawa Błoński

  24. Skrzydlate świnie (Flying Pigs), directed by Anna Kazejak

  25. Śluby panieńskie (Maiden Vows), directed by Filip Bajon

  26. Śniadanie do łóżka (Breakfast in Bed), directed by Krzysztof Lang

  27. Święty interes (Holy Business), directed by Maciej Wojtyszko

  28. Trick, directed by Jan Hryniak

  29. Wenecja (Venice), directed by Jan Jakub Kolski

  30. Wszystko co kocham (All That I Love), directed by Jacek Borcuch

  31. Zgorszenie publiczne (Public Depravity), directed by Maciej Prykowski

  32. Zwerbowana miłość (Recruited Love), directed by Tadeusz Król

The Polish Film Awards have been awarded annually by the Polish Film Academy since 1999. The event is organized each year by the Independent Film Foundation. Nominees and winners are selected through a vote of Polish Film Academy members. The Polish Film Academy is a national body that awards national film awards similarly to other countries, such as the Césars in France, the Lions in the Czech Republic, the Goya awards in Spain, and – on a European level – the European Film Academy and its European Film Awards. The voting procedure is a two-stage process by a mail-in vote kept secret until the final results are announced. The vote is executed and supervised by the consulting company PwC, which guarantees credibility of the voting process.

Further details available at: www.pnf.pl (Polish only).


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Translated by Karolina Kołtun