Overview Of Polish Female Documentalists’ Films In Madrid

On 6 March 2019, an overview dedicated to Polish documentary makers Ellas: Nuevo Documental Polaco is launched in one of the largest cultural centers in Madrid – Matadero. The screenings will include  films by Anna Zamecka, Marta Prus, Monika Pawluczuk and Agnieszka Zwiefka will be presented.

Polish films in Spain

The overview will consist of four sessions, each of them will be devoted to a different director.

The schedule of the screenings is as follows:

  • 6/03/2019 “Communion” (La comunión), dir. Anna Zamecka
  • 13/03/2019 “Over the Limit”, dir. Marta Prus
  • 20/03/2019 “The End Of the World” (El fin del mundo) and “When I am a bird” (Cuando sea un pájaro), dir. Monika Pawluczuk
  • 27/03/2019 “The Queen of Silence” (La reina del silencio), dir. Agnieszka Zwiefka

All screenings begin at 20.00 and films will be presented in the original version with Spanish subtitles. Presentations will take place at the Matadero cultural center, specifically in the Cineteca, a unique  cinema dedicated to the documentary. The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Madrid Marzenna Adamczyk will be present at the official inauguration on March 6. On March 13, the screening will be attended by Marta Prus, and on March 20, the screening will be accompanied by a meeting with director Monika Pawluczuk.

All films displayed are co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

About the review

The review is organized by the AVA Arts Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Polish cinema in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, which has been cooperating with Spanish cultural institutions and the film environment for years. The partners of the ELLAS Review: NUEVO DOCUMENTAL POLACO are the Spanish DOCMA organizations (gathering documentary filmmakers) and CIMA (gathering women’s film) as well as MUJERES DE CINE, and on the Polish side – the Women’s Film initiative.

The project also involves  the EFTI International School of Photography and Film, where between March 12 and 15,  a workshop related to the review will take place , which will be conducted by Marta Prus. The arrival of the directors is possible thanks to the financial support of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Organizer’s website: www.avaartsfoundation.org

Based on a press release.