Polish films at ZagrebDox


Three short films made by Wajda Studio were selected for the “ZagrebDox” – International Documentary Film Festival in Zagreb. “Paparazzi” by Piotr Bernaś and “Decrescendo” by Marta Minorowicz qualified for the International Competition, and Kuba Maciejko’s film “Bon Appetit” was invited to the Happy Dox section.

International Competition

The 8th edition of “ZagrebDox,” one of the most important documentary film festivals in the region, began yesterday and will last until March 4.


The programme is divided into two competition sections: a regional one, with films from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, and an international one, which features the two films from Wajda Studio. These are “Paparazzi” by Piotr Bernaś, who was nominated for a European Film Award in 2011, and “Decrescendo” by Marta Minorowicz. The titles will compete for the “Big Stamp” award.

Happy Dox

The festival programme also features special retrospectives and other special sections. One of them is the Happy Dox block, which will feature “Bon Appetit” by Kuba Maciejko, winner of such prizes as the Maciej Szumowski Award at the Krakow Film Festival, and an award at the Optimistic Film Festival “Multimedia Happy End” in Rzeszów.

Screenings of the Polish films:


  • 29 February 19:00, Movieplex, room 3
  • 2 March 13:00, Movieplex, room 1
  • 3 March 16:00, Movieplex, room 2


  • 27 February 16:00, Movieplex, room 4
  • 28 February 18:00, Movieplex, room 2
  • 2 March 18:00, Movieplex, room 2

“Bon Appetit”:

  • 28 February 21:00, Movieplex, room 3

All three films were co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.


More info about films at: www.wajdastudio.pl/en/filmography/paparazzi, www.wajdastudio.pl/en/filmography/decrescendo, www.wajdastudio.pl/en/filmography/bon-appetit.


More details on the festival at: www.zagrebdox.net/en.


Press release by Wajda Studio