Plus Camerimage Festival

The Polish Film Competition will screen eight features:

  • Dark House (Dom zły), director of photography: Krzysztof Ptak, director: Wojtek Smarzowski
  • General Nil, director of photography: Piotr Śliskowski, director: Ryszard Bugajski
  • I Am Yours (Jestem twój), director of photography: Szymon Lenkowski, director: Mariusz Grzegorzek
  • My Flesh and Blood (Moja krew), director of photography: Paweł Flis, director: Marcin Wrona
  • Reverse (Rewers), director of photography: Marcin Koszałka, director: Borys Lankosz
  • Piggies (Świnki), director of photography: Petro Aleksowski, director: Robert Gliński
  • Snow White and Russian Red (Wojna polsko-ruska), director of photography: Marian Prokop, director: Xawery Żuławski
  • Zero, director of photography: Arkadiusz Tomiak, director: Paweł Borowski

Winners of this year’s special awards have also been announced.


The Plus Camerimage Lifetime Achievement Award 2009 will go to the cinematographer Dante Spinotti, two-time Oscar nominee for The Insider by Michael Mann and for L.A. Confidential by Curtis Hanson. He was also the director of photography in Michael Mann’s films The Last of the Mohicans, Manhunter and Heat, in Roberto Benigni’s Pinocchio, Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon, Curtis Hanson’s Wonder Boys, Michael Apted’s Nell and Bruce Beresford’s Crimes of the Heart.


The Special Lifetime Achievement Award for a Director will go to Volker Schlöndorff. This award is presented annually to directors with great aesthetic sensitivity. Schlöndorff is the author of The Tin Drum (winner of the Golden Palm at Cannes and Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film), The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum, Germany in Autumn, Swann in Love, Death of a Salesman, Homo Faber, Der Unhold and, more recently, Strike.


The Special Cinematographer-Director Duo Award goes to Vittorio Storaro and Carlos Saura. Together they have made five films: Flamenco, Taxi, Tango, Goya in Bordeaux and I, Don Giovanni. Saura is one of the world’s most prominent directors, Storaro is a three-time Oscar winner for Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola, Reds by Warren Beatty and The Last Emperor by Bernardo Bertolucci. He was also the director of photography for The Conformist (Il Conformista) and Last Tango in Paris, both by Bertolucci.


The Special Award for a Polish Cinematographer for Immense Contribution to the Art of Film goes to Dariusz Wolski. This cinematographer has lived in the US since 1979. He was the director of photography for the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy by Gore Verbinski, Sweeney Todd by Tim Burton, A Perfect Murder by Andrew Davis and Crimson Tide by Tony Scott.


The Special Award for a Production Designer goes to Allan Starski, winner of an Academy Award for production design in Schindler’s List by Steven Spielberg. Starski was also production designer of Oliver Twist and The Pianist by Roman Polański, Washington Square and Europa Europa by Agnieszka Holland, as well as a number of Andrzej Wajda films – Pan Tadeusz, Korczak, A Love in Germany (Eine Liebe in Deutschland), Man of Iron (Człowiek z żelaza), The Young Ladies of Wilko (Panny z Wilka), Rough Treatment (Bez znieczulenia) and Man of Marble (Człowiek z marmuru).


This year’s Award for Outstanding Achievements in Documentary Filmmaking will go to Terry Sanders – director, producer and screenwriter, two-time Oscar winner.


The Plus Camerimage festival has the financial support of the City of Łódź, the Łódź Region authorities, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Polish Film Institute, and the European Union MEDIA programme.


Translated by Karolina Kołtun