Polish animation in the Cinéfondation Cannes section

The organizers of the Cannes festival announced a list of films that qualified for the Cinéfondation 2020 section. Among 17 productions there was the Polish animation entitled „My fat arse and I”  directed by Yelyzaveta Pysmak from the Film School in Łódź.

The Cinéfondation section has been presenting short films from film schools around the world since 1998. This year, the selection committee selected 17 films (13 stories and 4 animations) from 1952 entries. They come from countries such as Israel, Great Britain, Argentina, Hungary, Romania, India, Switzerland, the United States, South Korea, France, Poland, Portugal, Germany and Slovenia. Film screenings in the competition and the jury review will be held this autumn in Cannes.

Yelyzaveta Pysmak is the director, author of the screenplay and cinematography for the film „My fat arse and I”. She was born in Czernichów, Ukraine in 1997 and studies Animated Film and Special Effects at the Film School in Łódź (PWSFTviT). Natalia Jastrzębska is responsible for editing, and Szymon Kucharski and Michał Lejczak, who is also the author of the music, for the sound.

Movie plot

One morning the girl tries to fasten pants. It turns out that they do not fasten on her. The girl is shocked, in the mirror she sees her reflection as a huge fat pig. She decides to undergo a strict diet immediately. No sweets, colas, just water with a hint of lemon. She is doing well, but together with fat comes out all the joy of life.

However, she, being already unhealthy emaciated, still does not slow down. The girl is now like a zombie who, not knowing what she is doing, drags into the fridge haunting her in her dreams at night. During one of the trips to the fridge, an Angel of the Tooskinny Butt  Kingdom appears with a royal invitation to the ceremony. What is the ceremony? Are Skinny Butts as innocently cute as they appear? What Deity do they bow to? Is it possible to come back from the Tooskinny Butt Kingdom if something goes wrong?