Six Polish animations are in official selection at the upcoming Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Polish Animations in Short Film Competition

The Short Film Competition will screen 87 animations. Polish films in this lineup include:

  • Kosmos, directed by Daria Kopiec, produced by WJTeam — an animated film about a talking body that wants to experience closeness with other bodies.
  • Sprawa Moczarskiego, directed by Tomasz Siwiński, produced by Fumi Studio, Fundacja im. Kazimierza i Zofii Moczarskich  — a film about Kazimierz Moczarski, resistance officer under Nazi-occupied Poland and author of “Conversations with an Executioner.”
  • Ucieczka, directed by Jarosław Konopka, produced by Studio Filmowe Anima-Pol (Łódź) — a film about a woman and child, survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. They live in uncertainty and danger; the world around them gives little chance for survival. They exist, but are like dead. They meet but do not see. They live in pictures, but time is slowly making the details fade away.

Polish Animations in Graduation Film Competition

Three Polish animations have been selected to screen in the festival’s Graduation Film Competition. The complete lineup features 49 films. The Polish entries are:

  • Cipka, directed by Renata Gąsiorowska, produced by the Łódź Film School — award-winning animation about a young girl spending the evening at home alone. She decides to have a sweet solo pleasure session, but not everything goes according to plan. 
  • O Matko!, directed by Paulina Ziółkowska, produced by the Łódź Film School — the story of a boy who wants to grow up. Mother and Son venture through the city. They run into various situations, dealing with them as best they can. The son supports his mother, while she cares for him, spoils him, and protects him. They are constantly changing roles: the Son becomes an adult for a moment, the Mother transforms into a little girl or a tired old lady. They live in symbiosis.
  • Wcielenie, directed by Barbara Rupik, produced by Fumi Studio, Łódź Film School — the story of a man left alone with nature, teetering on the edge between life and death.

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival runs from June 12 through June 17, 2017.

Further details are available at: www.annecy.org.

Translated by Karolina Kołtun