Polish Days: PISF Scholarship for Natalia Grzegorzek and the "Skull Echo" Project

During this year’s Polish Days industry event at the New Horizons Festival, the scholarship of the Polish Film Institute was awarded to Natalia Grzegorzek from the company Koskino, representing the “Skull Echo” project of Julia Marcell.

“Skull Echo”

When an unsuccessful science experiment of a pair of astronauts – an ambitious Robin and her younger brother – leads to the disaster of a space station, the astronaut evacuates to the ground, where he discovers that time has stopped. Traveling the world in which the laws of physics are turned upside down, Rudzik looks for a brother, because only together can they save themselves.


Natalia Grzegorzek is a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw and the DOK Pro course at the Wajda School. President of the Management Board of Koskino. Producer of feature films “Kamper” (2016) and “Coach’s Daugther” (2018), dir. Łukasz Grzegorzek. Polish producer of “Winter Flies” dir. Olmo Omerzu (last year’s Czech candidate for the Oscar). A member of the Polish Guild of Producers and KIPA. Currently, she is working on new projects, including  the new film presented during the Polish Days pitchings of Łukasz Grzegorzek “Let i be” and “Skull Echo” – a full-length feature debut of the singer and composer Julia Marcell, awarded with the Polityka Passport award. In August, the producer will take part in Match Me! program in Locarno.

The others awarded during Polish Days

On the last day of Polish Days, apart from the PISF Scholarship, two other prizes were also awarded. The prize funded by Coloroffon, which is post-production services, was awarded to Jagoda Szelc for the project “Delicate Balance of Terror”. Screen International, in turn, awarded the prize for the best presentation to the creators of the film “Broad Peak”. The prize is the promotion of the selected project through editorial cooperation at subsequent stages of production.