Polish Digital Cinemas Online



The end of November brought the launch of the c-kino.pl website, dedicated to the Polish Digital Cinemas Network. The website is kept up to date with new cinemas added regularly, and is available in Polish and English.

The Polish Film Institute Supports the Digitization of Cinemas

The Polish Digital Cinemas Network is a programme introduced by the Polish Film Institute in cooperation with the National Film Archive. The project is aimed at supporting arthouse cinemas in their transition to digital screening technology. Network member cinemas are equipped with state of the art digital projectors (such that also enable 3D screenings) and surround sound. Digital projectors give audiences an opportunity to enjoy the highest screening quality possible.

Promoting Polish Cinema

All Polish Digital Cinemas Network member cinemas are also members of the SKSiL Local and Arthouse Cinema Network. The purpose of this network is to develop film culture by screening artistic films and implementing educational projects. The network includes cinemas that screen a wide selection of quality films. One of the key aims of this network is to promote and present Polish films. Audiences will find that these digital cinemas screen a large selection of first-run Polish films.


Further details available at www.c-kino.pl.


Translated by Karolina Kołtun