Polish Film Festival in Australia online

More than 30 films in 10 days – that is a programme of the Polish Film Festival-Summer 2021. For the first time it will be available online for free for the audience throughout Australia at polishfilmfestival.com.au. Festival takes place between 22 and 31 January 2021.

According to organisers opinion, the programme is a unique selection of Polish films from the past decade, which will undoubtedly arouse interest of a diverse group of viewers. It offers movies like „The Legions” (dir. Dariusz Gajewski), „Black Mercedes” (dir. Janusz Majewski), „The Messenger” (dir. Władysław Pasikowski) or „The Servants of War” (dir. Mariusz Gawryś). Many of these films were nominated for international awards.

In the festival’s repertoire it will be also presented comedies, among others „Na układy nie ma rady” („Playing dirty”) and „Szczęście świata” („Happiness of the world”). 

Film for children and shorts

An undoubted novelty are films for children and young people – among others „Małpa w kąpieli” („The monkey in the bath”), „O psach i kotach” („About dogs and cats”), „Kopciuch”, „Paweł i Gaweł”, „Tarapaty” („Double trouble”), „O niezwykłej przyjaźni” („About extraordinary friendship”) and the film „To pewna wiadomość!” („This is sure news!”).

In the programme there is also the film „The Warsaw Mermaid” directed by Paweł Czarzasty, and „Len” (dir. Joanna Jasińska-Kronkiewicz). For enthusiasts of short films, there is an offer of over ten films, including „Jerry”, „Spitsbergen”, „Polonaise” and „Debut”.

The Festival program is available on website: polishfilmfestival.com.au