Polish films at DOK.Leipzig

The six Polish films competing, a review of Polish puppet animation and the Polish Docs programme at the DOK.Market fair are the most important Polish accents of the upcoming 55th DOK.Leipzig festival.


The 55th DOK.Leipzig festival of documentaries and animated films will take place from 29 October to 5 November. For several years, Polish films have been frequently invited to the festival. It is no different this time. As many as six Polish pictures will compete for prizes in various competition sections of DOK.Leipzig:

  • “Uwikłani [Entangled]”, dir. Lidia Duda – International Documentary Competition
  • “Gdzie jest Sonia? [Losing Sonia]”, dir. Radka Franczak – Young Talents International Competition
  • “Zabawki cesarza [The Emperor’s Toys]”, dir. Joanna Rusinek, Joanna Wójcik, Jarosław Moździerz, Tomasz Godfryd, Gregorz Wierzchowski – Animadoc Animated Documentary Competition
  • “Papierowe pudełko [Paperbox]”, dir. Zbigniew Czapla – Animadoc Animated Documentary Competition
  • “Co się dzieje, gdy dzieci nie chcą jeść zupy”, reż. Paweł Prewencki [What Happens When Children Don’t Eat Soup]”, dir. Paweł Prewencki – International Animation Competition
  • “Afternoon”, dir. Izsabela Plucińska – New German Animation Competition

For the film “Uwikłani [Entangled]” the screening in Leipzig will be the international première.

Prizes for Polish film-makers

On this occasion, it is worth recalling the Polish films awarded in Leipzig in recent years. In 2008, the Golden Dove award went to “Do bólu [Till It Hurts”] by Marcin Koszałka. In 2009, “Chemia [Chemo]” by Pawel Lozinski was awarded the MDR prize, and the film “17 sierpnia [17th of August]” by Aleksander Gutman received an honorable mention in the short film competition. The year 2010 brought even more prizes. The Golden Dove went to the film “Vodka Factory” by Jerzy Śladkowski, living permanently in Sweden, and in the short films section the Golden Dove went to “Kawałek lata [A Piece of Summer]” by Marta Minorowicz. At the 53rd DOK.Lepzig, the film “North From Calabria” by Marcin Sauter won the Ecumenical Jury Award and the Ver.di Trade Union Prize. Last year, the Silver Dove was won by “Argentyńska lekcja [Argentinian Lesson]” by Wojciech Staroń and “Kołysanka z Phnom Penh [Phnom Penh Lullaby]” by Paweł Kloc was awarded a mention in the Young Talents Competition.

Polish animations appreciated by DOK.Leipzig

Away from the competition, the audiences will see the review “Polish Puppet Animations After 1945.” The organisers of DOK.Leipzig wish to honour in this way the Polish tradition of puppet animation; as they quote “no other country is so closely attached to puppet animation as Poland.” The review will feature seven titles – both from fairy tales and musical films to philosophical pictures. Separately, a retrospective of a pioneer of puppet animation – Władysław Starewicz – is also planned. At this event, two thematic programmes will feature ten films.


These are not all the Polish accents at the DOK.Leipzig. For several years, the festival has been collaborating with the Krakow Film Foundation, and the result of this collaboration includes a special Polish programme at the DOK.Market film fair.


For more information about the festival, please see the organisers’ website: www.dok-leipzig.de.


Source: www.polishdocs.pl.


prepared by Marta Sikorska from a press release


Translated by Paweł Włochacz