Polish Films at the 51st Krakow FF

Kraków Film Festival


The selection of competition films at the 51st Krakow Film Festival is now complete. This year’s edition of the festival will run from May 23 through 29. The final lineup of the international feature documentary and medium-length documentary competitions and the short documentary, feature, and animation competitions has been announced. Seven Polish films will screen in competition. 

Polish films are featured in the lineup of all Krakow competition sections. Lekarze (Doctors) by Tomasz Wolski and Kołysanka z Phnom Penh (Phnom Penh Lullaby) by Paweł Kloc (both in the feature documentary competition), Argentyńska lekcja (Argentinian Lesson) by Wojciech Staroń (medium-length documentary competition), and shorts: Paparazzi by Piotr Bernaś, Decrescendo by Marta Minorowicz (short documentaries), Bez śniegu (Without Snow) by Magnus von Horn (short feature), and Porozmawiaj z nim (Talk to Him) by Agata Prętka (short animation). 


Only premiere films with running times between 30 and 60 minutes (for medium-length documentaries) and over 60 minutes (for feature documentaries) were accepted in international competition sections. The shorts competition was open to films with running times under 30 minutes. The festival lineup features mostly films recognized at international film festivals, complemented by a number of titles selected among a record 2,700 submissions.


“It is a reflection of the world’s key problems as seen through the struggles of individuals. There will be films about the issue of pedophilia among priests, about life in the virtual world, about addictions (even the less harmful ones, such as a love of Harlequin novels), about rivalry in striving for perfection (both artistic and divine), about problems of identity, including those concerning one’s body,” said festival director Krzysztof Gierat, who supervised the work of the Selection Committee.


Films selected for screening in international competition sections at the Krakow Film Festival:


Feature documentaries:

  1. Agnus Dei: Lamb of God, directed by Alejandra Sanchez, Mexico/France, 87 min
  2. My Avatar and Me, directed by Bente Milton, Mikkel Stolt, Denmark, 91 min
  3. Guilty Pleasures, directed by Julie Moggan, United Kingdom, 85 min
  4. My Reincarnation, directed by Jennifer Fox, Finland/USA/Switzerland/Germany/Italy, 100 min
  5. Lekarze (Doctors), directed by Tomasz Wolski, Poland, 90 min
  6. Kołysanka z Phnom Penh (Phnom Penh Lullaby), directed by Paweł Kloc, Poland, 97 min
  7. Nobody Knows My Name, directed by James Nicholson, France, 85 min
  8. Invisible Strings-The Talented Pusker Sister, directed by Ágnes Sós, Hungary, 80 min
  9. The Queen Has No Crown, reż. Tomer Heymann, Ronni Kedar, Israel, 85 min

Medium-length documentaries:

  1. Pandore, directed by Virgil Vernier, France, 35 min
  2. The Hangman, directed by Netalie Braun, Israel, 60 min
  3. Regretters, directed by Marcus Lindeen, Sweden, 59 min
  4. Grandma, a Thousand Times, directed by Mahmoud Kaabour, United Arab Emirates, 48 min
  5. Mind the Gap, directed by Maciej Gorski, United Kingdom/Poland, 58 min
  6. Argentyńska lekcja (Argentinian Lesson), directed by Wojciech Staroń, Poland, 52 min
  7. Outside the Court, directed by Mark Isaacs, United Kingdom, 58 min
  8. Hula and Natan, directed by Robby Elmaliah, Israel, 55 min
  9. Nun, directed by Galina Adamovich, Belarus, 56 min
  10. Daddy’s Girls, directed by Lily Sheffy, Israel, 56 min

Short film competition



  1. Bread for Bird, directed by Aleksandra Strelyanaya, Russia, 26 min
  2. Playground, directed by Susanna Helke, Finland, 30 min
  3. Out of Round – What is Behind?, directed by Jaro Vojtek, Slovakia, 30 min
  4. At the Stairs, directed by Rajesh S. Jala, India, 30 min
  5. Raul’s World, directed by Jessica Rodríguez, Zoe Miranda, Cuba, 20 min
  6. Czech Post-War History, directed by Jaroslav Kratochvíl, Czech Republic, 9 min
  7. Photographer’s Wife, directed by Philip Widmann, Karsten Krause, Germany, 29 min
  8. I’m Never Afraid!, directed by Willem Baptist, Netherlands, 20 min
  9. Stranger, directed by Christophe Hermans, Belgium, 12 min
  10. I Will Forget This Day, directed by Alina Rudnitskaya, Russia, 25 min
  11. Night Falls on the Menagerie, directed by Nicolas Philibert, France, 11 min
  12. Paparazzi, directed by Piotr Bernaś, Poland, 30 min
  13. Decrescendo, directed by Marta Minorowicz, Poland, 22 min


  1.   Baby, directed by Daniel Mulloy, United Kingdom, 25 min
  2. 1994, directed by Kaveh Tehrani, Norway, 29 min
  3. The Quartet, directed by Sarah Arnold, France, 15 min
  4. The Third Rule, directed by Aundre Johnson, USA 15 min
  5. Our Father, directed by Marius Ivaskevicius, Lithuania, 28 min
  6. Prunelle and Melodie, directed by Simonet Mathieu, France, 32 min
  7. Hasaki Ya Suda, directed by Cédric Ido, France, 24 min
  8. Yuri Lennon’s Landing on Ralpha 46, directed by Anthony Vouardoux, Germany/Switzerland, 15
  9. Battle for Britain, directed by Alex Helfrecht, United Kingdom, 13 min
  10. I, directed by Rafael Wolf, Switzerland, 12 min
  11. The Birthday Circle, directed by Philip Lepherd, United Kingdom, 5 min
  12. Casus Belli, directed by Yorgos Zois, Greece, 11 min
  13. Bez śniegu (Without Snow), directed by Magnus von Horn, Poland/Sweden, 30 min


  1. Journey To Cape Verde, directed by José Miguel Ribeiro, Portugal, 17 min
  2. Sticky Ends, directed by Osman Cerfon, France, 6 min
  3. 1989. When I Was 5 Years Old, directed by Thor Ochsner, Denmark, 10 min
  4. One More Time!, directed by Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, Tatiana Okruzhnova, Alina Yakhyaeva, Nataliya Pavlycheva, Mariya Arkhipova, Russia, 3 min
  5. Stones, directed by Katarina Kerekesova, Slovakia, 26 min
  6. I Have Fear, directed by Mariola Brillowska and her students, Germany, 15 min
  7. Lowdown Empire, directed by Polina Grinberg, USA, 13 min
  8. Once Only, directed by Nuno Amorim, Portugal, 6 min
  9. Swings and Milkshakes, directed by Fernando Mendes, Erick Ricco, Brazil, 10 min
  10. The Renter, directed by Jason Carpenter, USA, 9 min
  11. Sunday 2, directed by Jochen Kuhn, Germany, 11 min
  12. The Women’s Day Gift, directed by Mihail Dvorjankin, Russia, 8 min
  13. Porozmawiaj z nim (Talk to Him), directed by Agata Prętka, Poland, 7 min

Further details about competition films available at: www.kff.com.pl


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Translated by Karolina Kołtun